The Art Of Selling Seminar was held on the 6th of October 2017

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Who Should Attend?

If you are reaching the stage in your career where selling consulting services or other products is becoming - or about to become - increasingly important, this seminar will pay dividends. If you are striving to generate more new consulting revenues this financial year, this seminar will equip you to fulfill your goals.


The Art Of Selling Training is designed to enable consultants to accelerate their transition from delivery consultant to new business winner and to enable salespeople to win more deals. It's facilitated by leading sales trainers who are top sales producers and with a proven track record of teaching individuals to sell their services more effectively.


According to official data from --> In the time we have worked with companies in the UK, yearly turnover has increased by 20.60% on average. Turnover increase of our clients by sectors: Consultancy / Professional Services = 25.96%; Financial / Insurance = 23.41%; IT / Telecoms = 24.91% 

Feedback From Recent Delegates

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Victor Manev Partner, Impetus Capital

"We have learned new things. The training was rich in Content and very well structured." 

Asparuh Koev CEO, Transmetrics

"The seminar was quite useful. We have shared what we've learned with our colleagues. We would like to know and will consider to send people to future events organized by SBR. The most useful for me was that the Art Of Selling Seminar gave me the opportunity to conduct a diagnostics of our sales process." 

Vladimir Tomov President, Investment Council BCCI

"I have attended the SBR Consulting seminar in Sofia. It was  well organised and very useful to me."

"Thanks for conducting a very useful session today. I learnt a number of new techniques which I can deploy immediately
as well as having opportunity to reflect and challenge what we are doing. Plenty on the to-do list!"

"As an Account Sales Manager working for Sun Microsystems, I adopt collaborative, consultative selling approaches
when engaging with clients. It was worth the investment and a good refresher."

"A word to congratulate you on a well run and worthwhile seminar last Friday on 'selling consultancy services.'
I found it very relevant even though I have been selling IT solutions/ consultancy for more than 30 years."

"Many thanks for the excellent workshop and line-up of first class sales professionals."

"Spot on - selling consulting, not just selling."

" I enjoyed the event very much and found many things within the presentations that have given me food for thought.
My attendance was a bit of an experiment for our company. I have been asked to provide a feedback report to my MD to judge if it is worthwhile sending more of our consultants to any future events you provide. I will certainly recommend that the event is of benefit for several members of our organisation."

"Friday was excellent, particularly for the variety of inputs and perspectives as well as of attendees."

"As a small independent 'one man band' the topics were relevant.
I like Q.U.I.S and the discussion on bringing a client to a decision was good."

"As a Sales Director, I assumed I could not learn anything more about selling.
However, I picked up some very useful advice and new ideas specifically aligned to selling services."

CIPFA C.Co Ltd Operations Director

"Extremely worthwhile, re-energised us and prompted lots of activity."

Strategy in Life Sciences Consultant

"It was my first seminar focused on selling, and I feel like I learnt about a lot of useful ideas and concepts."

Brand Ambition EMEA Ltd Director

"The Art of Selling Consulting Services seminar has been very worthwhile for me."


DAN MOORE / President @ Southwestern Company

Dan Moore is the President of The Southwestern Company in Nashville, Tennessee . He is a 1976 Honours Graduate from Harvard University and holds an Honours MBA degree from Vanderbilt University Owen School of Management. As the President at Southwestern, he is responsible for product development, sales training, public relations, business statistics, forecasting and the development of new profit centres.

Dan has been invited as a keynote speaker to a number of organisations, both academic and professional, located in the USA , Britain , France and, most recently, Estonia. Dan has trained more than 60,000 salespeople.

LARS TEWES / Co-Founder @ Southwestern SBR Consulting

Lars has over 25 years’ experience in sales and sales leadership as Sales Manager and then Managing Director, responsible for establishing three successful and currently profitable companies on behalf of the Southwestern Company. In 2002 his passion for professional selling and sales performance improvement led him to set up Southwestern SBR Consulting in London, to directly tackle the issues of business development, from strategic viewpoint, through to implementing tailored Business Development Programmes.

Over the past 10 years he has worked directly with over 250 firms from entrepreneurial start-ups to global financial and engineering and consultancy practices, helping improve their sales potential.

TOMA STAYKOV / Southwestern SBR Consulting - Bulgaria

Nine years into a career that has involved selling, leading sales teams and developing organisations in the US and Bulgaria, including recruiting, training, managing, leading and motivating salespeople and leaders. Toma choose to stay in Bulgaria because he is passionate about helping local companies and individuals grow their sales potential. Having set up the Bulgaria branch of Southwestern SBR Consulting, Toma specialises in winning business and designing, delivering and embedding sales and business development programmes within various industries. As Sales Performance Consultant, he uses his expert knowledge and experience to work closely with his clients to ensure that they have the right habits, tools and processes to drive revenues, increase productivity and develop high performance sales cultures.

Key Sessions - What will you learn?
1. Case Study: The necessity of selling when building a practice
2. The right mindset to "Pro-actively Win Business"
3. An introduction to "Your Business Development Pipeline"
4. Starting a dialogue with the Potential Prospects via the phone
5. Conducting an effective first meeting with a potential new client
6. Dealing with the ‘Request for Proposal’ & Avoid Time Wasters
7. Committing Time to Business Development Activities

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