How to Build confidence in a new member of the team?


How is Coaching different and more effective than training?


When is the right time and How to Challenge a person?


What does a top producer need in order to stay?


Sofia, Bulgaria - 28 Todor Aleksandrov  Blvd. -  Office Center 
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19th December 2017

2 hours Leadership Session 17:30 - 19:30 
Drinks and Networking 19:30 - 20:30

An Interactive Workshop - 7 SPOTS LEFT

Our passion is all about making an impact. We prefer quality than quantity

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Why you need this?

An effective and inspirational leader can make all the difference between a sales team which habitually nds reasons why a target cannot be hit, and one which consistently comes in over target. All too often salespeople are promoted into a management position because of previous success in the company and/or experience within the industry, rather than on actual managerial experience.


Learn from experiences of working with many thousands of salespeople across industries. Join the SBR Consulting leaders as they impart ATTITUDES and PRACTICES you can immediately adopt to take your personal coaching of sales and business developers to new levels. Don’t expect speeches: this will be a practical, 2 hours hands-on workshop experience which will equip you with tools and confidence to influence results.


To liberate sales leadership potential and create successful sales habits there needs to be a conscious competency around how to lead day to day. When taking individuals to the next level at the same time as creating a team culture, leaders need to be aware that a team will have different levels of experience, skill and motivation. Join our 2 hours Leadership session + Networking and equip with some practical top tips. 


Toma Staykov

Toma Staykov

Nine years into a career that has involved selling, leading sales teams and developing organisations in the US and Bulgaria.Toma choose to stay in Bulgaria because he is passionate about helping local companies and individuals grow their sales potential. Having set up the Bulgarian  branch of SBR Consulting, Toma specialises in winning business and designing, delivering and embedding Leadership and sales & business development programmes. Toma has built his first sales team at age 21. In the past 5 years he has built a boutique Real Estate Consultancy from scratch and developed leaders who now run the company on their own. Toma believes that People are the most valuable asset of each business and if we focus on building the people, they will build the company. 

Josef Dvorak

Josef Dvorak

Ten years into a career that has involved selling, leading sales teams and developing organisations in the US and across Europe, including recruiting, training, managing, leading and motivating 277 salespeople and leaders, Josef is passionate about helping companies and individuals grow their sales potential. Having set up the Czech branch of SBR Consulting, Josef specialises in winning business and designing, delivering and embedding sales and business development programmes within various industries. As Sales Performance Consultant, he uses his expert knowledge and experience to work closely with his clients to ensure that they have the right habits, tools and processes to drive revenues, increase productivity and develop high performance sales cultures.

Who Do We Consult

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Industry Sector: Management Consulting – Programme Management Issue: Continual development of sales pipeline whilst maintaining current business.

"The efficiency in converting effort into results, following SBR Consulting’s training, is much greater.”

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Industry Sector: IT Technical Consulting Issue: Maximising business potential through technical experts.

“ Following the SBR Consulting training we improved the quality and quantity of meetings by about 50%. Our guys were really energised to do what they previously thought they couldn’t - sell. ”

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“The financial benefits of SBR Consulting’s programme were very clear to us. We were selecting our opportunities better. We were managing our pipeline more efficiently. Our conversion rates had clearly improved and overall the cost of sales were reducing. We were winning more for less ”

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