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An effective and inspirational leader can make all the difference between a sales team which habitually nds reasons why a target cannot be hit, and one which consistently comes in over target. All too often salespeople are promoted into a management position because of previous success in the company and/or experience within the industry, rather than on actual managerial experience.

You will learn
  1. How to understand what motivates each of your people?

  2. How to help them set meaningful goals that align with your business objectives (10 steps to Goalsetting)

  3. How to structure regular accountability conversations to ensure ongoing achievement (C.O.A.C.H. model, expanded and detailed)

  4. How to confront poor performance so that it results in improvement, not resentment (Constructive Confrontation)

  5. How to build loyalty through personal leadership– Create your Company / Team creed


Learn from experiences of working with many thousands of salespeople across industries. Join the SBR Consulting leaders as they impart ATTITUDES and PRACTICES you can immediately adopt to take your personal coaching of sales and business developers to new levels. Don’t expect speeches: this will be a practical, 4 hours hands-on workshop experience which will equip you with tools and confidence to influence results.


16:00 – 16:30 
Three Dimensions of Motivation. Each Person is unique.
16:30 – 17:15
10 Steps to Effective Goal Setting
17:15 – 18:00
Constructive Confrontation
18:00 – 19:00
Building Loyalty Through Personal Leadership - Your Company / Team Creed
19:00 – 19:30 Networking
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Stefan Ivanov Hedgehog, Sales Director

The workshop helped me with practical knowledge  regarding the different styles of leadership. I learned how to determine the priorities of the sales team and how to find the right personalized approach to each members.

Svetoslav Dimov CEO of DEV.BG

I've got a lot of value from a short 2 hours training. There was a networking effect as well as there were other people from the IT industry attending. 

Kosta Andreev Garanti Koza, Sales Director

Those kind of workshops are very important for sales leaders as well for sales representatives. I would  like to see more of this events organized which will give the opportunity to more sales managers to improve and get better results with their teams.

Alexander Serov, Antelope Audio Regional Sales Director EMEA

Very useful, well organized and structured training. I will implement the skill/will matrix in managing and leading my sales team. 

Asparuh Koev CEO of Transmetrics

The workshop was very useful for me because the content was practical and tested. I have MBA degree and in the university I learned a lot of theory but not something simple and useful in practice. This is exactly what I get from you guys. 

Ivo Krustev Founder of ENIGMA

The SBR Consultants gave us very well designed methodology for leading and managing sales team. They have demonstrated clear and understandable the best practices they use. I have applied the skill/will matrix right on the next day. 

Vanyo Gichev Sales Director, BG Menu

Me and my colleagues go often to trainings and workshops. This Sales Leadership Workshop was the first training that has gone "out of the standard box" and this is something we like.

Marin Iliev CEO, Magniflex

The ideas which I will try and implement are:  Everyone is motivated, find by what and channel it; Helping clients achieve their goals as a motivation factor; A comprehensive, all-sided approach to goal setting; The confrontation approach using the employee's own goals, etc. etc. 

Stella Georgieva BD Director, Ernst & Young

The most valuable idea for me this time was "The slight edge philosophy" and the small steps plan. This philosophy is very practical and you can see the changes faster as a result. 



Dan Moore

Dan Moore is the Senior Partner of SBR Consulting in London. He is a 1976 Honours Graduate from Harvard University and holds an Honours MBA degree from Vanderbilt University Owen School of Management. As the Senior Partner at SBR, he is responsible for product development, sales training, public relations, business statistics, forecasting and the development of new profit centres.

Dan has been invited as a keynote speaker to a number of organisations, both academic and professional, located in the USA, Britain, France, Estonia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Dan has trained more than 80,000 salespeople to be much more motivated and productive between sales calls, and far more effective within them.

Toma Staykov

“Sales, Coaching and Motivating people changed and it’s still changing my life. That’s why I love it!” This is how Toma Staykov describes his 10 years career that has involved selling, leading sales teams and developing organizations in the US and Bulgaria.

2009 – Build his first 10 person Sales team at age 21. 2011 – 2012 at Southwestern Advantage: Top 1st year dealer - sales (international division) 2011; Top 2nd year dealer - sales (international division) 2012;  Top Experienced Dealer - sales (finishing in the top 10% in the company worldwide ); Wall Of Grates - for recruiting (Number one in the company worldwide - recruited and trained 20 person team).

2013 – Started Delta3 Consulting -  Growth for 5 years in a row.
2017 – Set up the Bulgarian branch of SBR Consulting.

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Country Manager of SBR Consulting Bulgaria

More of our Clients

Dom Moorhouse Moorhouse Director

Industry Sector: Management Consulting.
Programme Management Issue: Continual development of sales pipeline whilst maintaining current business.

"The efficiency in converting effort into results, following SBR Consulting’s training, is much greater.”

Lucia Andreucetti, Glue Reply Commercial Manager

Industry Sector: IT Technical Consulting. 
Issue: Maximising business potential through technical experts.

“ Following the SBR Consulting training we improved the quality and quantity of meetings by about 50%. Our guys were really energised to do what they previously thought they couldn’t - sell. ”

Matt Bythell, ARUP Asociate Director of Marketing

“The financial benefits of SBR Consulting’s programme were very clear to us. We were selecting our opportunities better. We were managing our pipeline more efficiently. Our conversion rates had clearly improved and overall the cost of sales were reducing. We were winning more for less ”

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Contact Toma Staykov,

Country Manager of SBR Consulting Bulgaria