Ежегодната конференция за продажби на високо ниво, организирана от Toma Staykov и Lars Tewes от SBR Consulting. Участие…

Posted by SBR Consulting Bulgaria on Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Delegates Feedback

A different perspective and some interesting tactics.
(Sales Director, Software development)

I have learnt to have a more structured approach to business development, sales and after sales account management. Focus on controllable and the activities rather than results only.
(Managing Director, Tax and Law services)

The sales continuum was my lightbulb moment. Really enjoyed that some of the sessions were very much practical. Thank you gentlemen!
(Founder, It sales as a service)

I have learnt the importance of ratios and objection handing techniques. It was a training with experienced trainers who give actionable insights.
(Sales rep, It sales as a service)

I believe the delivery of the course was brilliant, very engaging. It was obvious that they were passionate and knowledgable about the subject. Thank you for the great course, it was lively, engaging and very useful.
(Sales rep, Data processing)

Without having much theoretical background in sales, the course was useful for me to learn some of the techniques and methodologies, which I was trying to do myself. A high quality course for anyone in business, and not just for people in sales. 

(Sales Manager, Data processing)

I enjoyed the course, very good attitude towards what actually “selling” is. Really enjoyed the practical examples. I liked that there is a very clear structure and sales needs it.
(Sales rep, Data processing)

I have learnt to focus on process instead of end result. The more we improve the process the further we get. Great organization, great insights, motivates and recharges the “effort engine”.
(HR specialist)

Great course! Covers not only the foundation but goes really deep in some areas.
(Founder, Web & Mobile Apps)

I have learnt to to manage tasks priority and to structure my first meeting according QUIS consultative selling methodology.
(VP of Sales)

I have learnt some good sales techniques about how to open a meeting, to understand the person behind the phone, how important is to build habits. Good course, great coverage, practical examples, interactions with the delegates.
I would recommend it.

The approach to encourage prospect and clients to share and talk is sure to make wonders. Pretty well summarised, the complex topics were presented very smoothly. Great practical examples. Love it!

Great work, useful knowledge. I will surely try to implement the ideas.

(Sales, Audio hardware)

I have learnt Tips I can easily Apply. I have learnt How to ask the right questions.
(HR Partner)

The course was interesting and the delivery was great. I would like to attend other trainings by SBR.
(Business Development Manager)

Most of all the course met my personal expectation for quality and helped me broaden my understanding on certain areas of business.
(Marketing specialist)

QUIS Consultative sales approach is a very good structure. Client qualification sheet is something important.
(HR Partner)

Good content. Hands-on professionals presenting practical tips and overall sales systems in an engaging and comprehensive way.  Most valuable I have learnt:  The self-confidence cycle; The QUIS consultative selling methodology; A few powerful ideas about moving from assessment to decision stage in the buying cycle 
(CEO, It community)

I have learnt abut the importance of ratios in my KPI statistics. Giving reassurance to clients when making decisions. I have learnt so many useful practices and techniques we can use to constantly improve ourselves both personally and professionally.

One of the best selling courses I’ve ever been to. I have learnt how to start the first meeting, how to qualify the prospects and more practical techniques.
(Real estate investment consultant)

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